Custom Manufacture Capability - PTFE Parts

Use our fully integrated PTFE custom manufacturing capability for all your high performance OEM and custom PTFE product and component needs.

  • We can offer low prices, exceptional quality and solve design problems across the whole range of PTFE applications based on -
  • In-house moulding of premium grades of PTFE.
  • Product design, development, evaluation and testing
  • Manufacture using near-finished isostatic and compression moulding, CNC machining, CADCAM and the latest manufacturing control systems
  • Logistics - we ship worldwide daily
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COWIE manufactures a huge variety of Custom PTFE Products, including...

Machined PTFE Products

CNC machining of PTFE blanks moulded to near-finished size and shape yields high quality, cost effective products for any industry.
PTFE machined products
PTFE encapsulated product

Encapsulated PTFE Products

Encapsulation with PTFE is the solution wherever total chemical protection, electrical insulation and non-contamination are essential.
Encapsulated devices are used throughout industry and include magnets, stators, rotors, electrical circuitry, sensors, valve stems, etc.

COWIE encapsulated products are completely joint-free and guaranteed leak-proof.

Hollow Sealed Products

Used as floats, vapour traps, indicators in flow meters, level gauges, etc.

COWIE encapsulated products are completely joint-free and guaranteed leak-proof.

PTFE hollow product
Moulded-in colours

Moulded-in Colours and Bar Codes

Specifically designed for protection against PTFE product counterfeiting and easy product identification.

Mould Finished PTFE Products

Moulding directly to the finished form leads to exceptional cost savings, improved quality and the ability to manufacture otherwise unmachinable shapes.
Moulded product
Ultra clean product

Ultra-Clean Products

The use of non-contaminating tooling allows ultra-clean product manufacture, typically for semi-conductor, chemical archiving and similar applications.

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